Saturday, 14 September 2013

Fimo miniatures class with Helena Wilton

Have you ever fancied taking a Fimo/Polymer cay class?  Well, if you have (or even haven't) I would really like to recommend a class with Helena Wilton from Heevis Miniatures.

I attended her 'Fimo Miniatures' class in Hobbycraft, Carlisle on Friday night. I've worked with Fimo before, of course, I even teach bead-making in it myself, but having seen Helena's tiny cupcakes, cheesecakes & macaroons I really need to have a go at miniatures.

I learnt how to make a cheesecake, we could choose our own fruit - I picked kiwi,  and how to make the biscuit base look biscuity as well as how to make the jelly topping.

Cute little cheesecake :)

We then went onto cupcakes, I could tell you how to make these but it might be a trade secret, so I better not :) they are smaller than my little fingernail!

The one thing we didn't do was the actual cane that becomes the little fruit slices, but Helena has agreed to return to HC to do a cane class, so can't wait for that one!

Some of the class mates.

(It's on the 1st November if you're interested :) )

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