Friday, 20 September 2013

So many draft blogs.

I am well aware that I an "being quiet", which obviously means I am up to no good  ;)

Well, actually, I am not being that quiet, you should see all the blogs I have written up and in draft form - the reason?  I decided in my infinite wisdom, that I would do a "crochet along" on my blog, a simple crocheted mandala style doily thing that people could join in with.  But, when I was writing the blog it suddenly hit me that non crocheters might want to join in and therefore I would need to show them the basic stitches.

Still with me?   ....  good.

SO... I thought I should so a blog post on simple crochet stitches.  I sat down with a hook and a ball of yarn and got to work, only the photos didn't work, you couldn't really see where the yarn was going - I needed movement.

SO....(lightbulb moment)  a video tutorial.  I got Hubster to stand above me while I crocheted a few stitches.  Yep, it would work.

SO..... I phoned Daddy L and begged his light tent and a small tripod, afterall Hubster wouldn't hugely be happy standing above me for hours on end holding a camera.

SO.... I had to go and tidy up the craft room in order to find the camera to sit on the tripod and charge it up, up to then I had been using my iPad.  Ok, that's all sorted, camera charged, ready to rock.

SO.....  I had to go and set up a You Tube account, THIS took me ages as I wanted to use the user name "SoozInTheShed" and it wouldn't blooming well let me - well, it did let me then suspended me as I wasn't using a "real name"  Seriously??   I had to Google how to add a user name.  You Tube is not the easiest site to get around. Still, got there in the end.

SO..... everything is in place now, ready to press play, as soon as they are done I can upload part one of my "Crochet Along" Mandala.

Me and my big ideas!


  1. so what is the YouTube name in the end? :) ... amazing how really simple good ideas turn into an avalanche. isn't it? !! :)

  2. I will post you a link when I have worked it out :)

  3. Thanks for sticking with this through all the trials and tribulations!


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