Thursday, 26 September 2013


I did a Zentangle class at Hobbycraft yesterday, the first one of it's kind, but I think I will do some more as it was very enjoyable.

We sat down with a canvas each, a Sharpie pen and a whole host of patterns.

We started by dividing our canvas space into 6, in a random fashion, then continued to fill in the spaces with a different pattern in each.

I just couldn't let mine get finished with no colour, so I added a red border  :)

The finished Zentangles - Judith's, mine and Mabel's.

They did a great job didn't they?

The next Zentangle class, if you should fancy joining me, is on Hobbycraft, Carlisle, on Monday 28th October at £6.00-7.30pm.   It is £10 and you get a Sharpie pen to take home and your canvas to work on included.  To book, call  01228 812362

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