Friday, 6 September 2013

International Diploma in Crochet - Samples 1-3

So, samples 1, 2 and 3 are now ready to post.  I could actually squeeze a few more into the envelope, but I really want the feedback on this lot before I make any more mistakes, if I have made any, as they will need to be redone if they do not reach the high standard expected.

I have taken great care as to where I insert my hook, making sure I have not split stitches and I have tried to keep it all very neat and tidy.  As I am self-taught I am totally unsure about edges, do they look neat enough I wonder, did I go into the correct stitch when crocheting into the end space - I guess I will soon find out!

I started with a cotton DK yarn from Essentials Cotton and used a 4mm hook (simply because it's purple and my favourite hook!)

I have blocked all the pieces so that I could manipulate the edges to look much neater - blocking really makes a difference you know, it's my new "must" when working a project.

Sample 1:
A network of chain and slip stitch, with four straight edges.

Sample 2:
A square of double crochet inserting the hook in the usual way.

Sample 3:
A square of trembles inserting the hook in the usual way of picking up two strands of yarn.

I had to add labels to each one saying which sample they were and adding my name and number.

Gosh, I am really quite nervous about these, what are they going to say I wonder?]
I will let you know as soon as I get them back.

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