Monday, 2 September 2013

I've finally started on my Diploma in Crochet

Yep, finally, after how long?  I have started work on my International Diploma in Crochet.

Well, would you believe it was a Woolfest in June that I signed up and paid my deposit, since then I have had the 'reminder' newsletters that are supposed to nudge you into working, but I filed them away meaning to get back to them later...... you know that one right?

Anyway after getting nagged of Hubster (he does that a lot when I procrastinate) I sat down and organised my file with all my paperwork, then I opened my folder and started to read....

There are 35 samples and four projects of work to submit with part one of this distance learning course.  They don't have to be done in order at all, but I thought I should try to be a little organised and start from the beginning.

Of course, I will share my journey with you, it may be interesting to those who wish to have a go at this Diploma themselves.  For me, it's all about learning and perfecting, rather than getting a certificate - but a certificate certainly adds to the excitement of it all I think.

I will keep you up to dates I go :)


  1. Yay! Good for you. Will some of the stitches be the same as you have used for your afghan of 50 squares? 35 samples and four projects seems a lot for one part. How many parts are there? How long do you think this will take you?

  2. There are three parts altogether, I am hoping to plough through part 1 quickly so I can get on to finding out what part 2 is all about :) And, yes, the 50 stitches should hopefully help, I have to do a textured piece soon so will be using one of those.


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