Thursday, 3 July 2014

Animals spreading themselves about.

My animals seem to like to spread themselves about all over the place.  

Just yesterday I went into the conservatory to see this....

Have a closer look.  What could it be?

A puddy qwat, sunbathing on the roof.  A nice safe place to be, away from puppy dogs.

Then there is this....  the lazy little monkey who actually sleeps hanging off her bed.


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  1. Adorably hilarious, Sooz.

    Our Rudi used to sunbathe on our roof, many years ago. He was the only one out of all the cats we've ever been adopted by that did that. It was lovely coming home from a less-than-pleasant day at work, pulling into the driveway, and seeing Rudi up there, stretched out and lounging lazily and happily.

    I see your lovely Ruby is joining in too. Stretching and lounging about is fun, I think they're all trying to tell us.


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