Friday, 18 July 2014

Launching my "Kid's Club" activities

This August I am going to be trialling a new set of craft classes - aimed at Children and Young People.

They will be held in Hobbycraft, in Carlisle and will be drop-in sessions, although you can of course book your place if you want it to be held for you.  Please click on the links in the descriptions for details of dates and times.

I am going to be doing some French Knitting on a Dolly Spool - the price for this is £6.00, but it does include the Dolly and needle to take away with each child so they can continue in their own time.   Do you remember French Knitting?  I used to make miles of knitted tube when I was young, then coil them into coasters and table mats.

Also I will be doing a Pom Pom Owl session.  Using a pom-pom maker  (otherwise they would take hours and hours!!) the young folk will make a two coloured pom pom then attach felt pieces to make beaks, wings and eyes.  This class will be £2.00 per owl.

Dragonfly Pegs - are these not just too colourful and cute?   I will offer different levels of artwork for the wings, so that they will suit different ages and abilities.  Prices are £1.00 per Dragonfly. (Or Butterfly)

Perhaps for the older children, this is a cross-stitch bookmark.  Made on a large count Aida fabric with coloured threads, it can be as complex or a simple as the child chooses. Of course, if they find they love cross-stitch there are a whole host of designs they could take on - a lovely little hobby for a youngster.  £2.00 per bookmark.

Or what about a pin cushion?  Or maybe I should rename that "pin-pie" as it looks more like a pie, don't you think?  Blanket stitched felt, stuffed, then adorned with a button.  £2.00 per pincushion.

A "paperclip necklace" - a cluster of paperclips made into a necklace might be fun to do.  Each paperclip is wrapped in sticky-backed plastic then attached in a chain and cluster.  This one will keep little hands busy for a while.  £2.00 per necklace.

For the older young person I am offering a crochet class for teens - working at their own pace we will work through the popular stitches and even go on to make a Granny Square.  £10.00 which includes a two hour class, hook and yarn to take away.  Or, if you bring a friend you can have two people for £15.00.

What about these beaded bangles?  If a person can thread a bead, they came make one of these.  Colourful and great for the summer.  Just £2.00 per bangle.

Then there are Shrink Plastic Keyrings.  Come along and colour in some magic plastic stuff, which will then be popped into an oven to shrink down into a hard sturdy little charm which will then be attached to a keyring.  £1.00 per keyring.

And last, but not least, I am offering a mini rag rug workshop.   Bring some old clean clothes and make yourself a mini rug for your room.   Just £2.00 per person.  The rug will need to be finished off at home as they can take quite a while to make.

Really looking forward to these classes, I hope they will be lots of fun  :)  Maybe I will see you there?


  1. What an amazing variety of crafts on offer, and such bargains!

  2. These classes look great but unfortunately the kids will be back at school before some of them!

  3. When do they go back? I thought it was September?

  4. We are back to school mid August in Scotland!


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