Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Squiddly Denim Dog Toy

I made another dog toy!   I must say I am having too much fun with these and making them is not getting me through my "to do" list very quickly!

Still, Ruby likes them.  This one is "Squiddly"  named so beacause he's a squid - clever huh?   :)

Anyway.... what I did was to take a piece of demin jeans leg left over from cutting off to make shorts.  A tennis ball and an empty crinkly bag of dog treats.

I turned the leg inside out and sewed a rough arch shape across the top.  Trimmed some of the excess of and turned it back the right way again.

Then I popped the ball into the bag - I wanted the shape of the ball and the crinkly noise of the packet.

Screwed it up a bit and added some sellotape to seal.

Then I placed it in the top of the arch and sewed it in place by stitching a rough line across.

Next, I puckered it all up as best I could and zig-zagged lots of rows to hold it in place.

Time to cut the Squid's tentacles now, I just cut it all up into 1" or so ribbons.

And cut one off  :)  Not accidentally, I really did need it for something.....

... for tying around the stitching in fact  :)   Tied extra tight in a double knot.

Then I put a knot at different heights in each of the ribbons.

And drew a face on him with a Sharpie pen  :)  (I drew an angry face on the back too).


"What on earth is this?"  Says Ruby.

(Captions please)    :)

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