Thursday, 24 July 2014

Craft Fair in Carlisle Town Hall

Last weekend (or was it the one before?) I did my first craft fair as Sooz In The Shed.

I was very lucky and got given two tables as the person next to me had not turned up, so I could really spread my stuff about - actually, I think I might have to book two in the future!!

It was held at Carlisle Town Hall, above Costa Coffee, the entrance being through the Visitor Information centre.

It was a right miserable day, the whole day was peppered with downpours of heavy rain, hail and just generally yukky weather, so there was not many people about.

Having said that, we did ok, made our table money, our lunch money and a bit more beside.  I talked to a lot of people, gave out a lot of cards and attracted lots of comments as I sat with some French Knitting - everyone remembers knitting with a French Dolly Bobbin apparently.

I am going to book onto one in Penrith next, on the 16th August at the George Hotel.  Maybe I will see you there?   :)

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