Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Birthday Cake for a friend

It was my good friend, Lezley's, birthday last week.  She wasn't feeling very well at all so I thought I should make her a cake to cheer her little face up.

A toffee sponge cake with big chunks of fudgey toffeeness inside - sandwiched with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream.  
Not sure the raspberry jam should have worked, but it was all I had in at the time - apparently it worked quite well  :)

Then I topped with piped vanilla buttercream and sprinkled it with bright pink edible glitter.  Finally adding a walnut whip on the top to prove what a good friend I am.  

Walnut Whips are my very favourite and I don't often share them at all!

Pity then, that Lezley was full of cold and not only had lost her appetite, but couldn't taste anything either so she had to just look at it for a couple of days  :)

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