Monday, 19 January 2015

Free Machine Embroidery - a cushion workshop

On Saturday I attended a "Free Machine Embroidery" workshop at Fun2Do in Carlisle, taken by Anni Hamer.

Not 'Free' as in free cost, but 'Free' as in no feed dogs on the machine so the material ran freely  :)

We started off with a practise piece of linen in a hoop and just went.  

It was really quite a tricky think to get the hang off, I wanted to keep lifting the foot to turn a corner, but you really just put your foot down and let it flow.

So I did, I just scribbled away with the needle and thread and ended up with this  :)

After the practise session it was time to make a cushion - scary stuff!!

We started with the grassy part, we could make it as jaggedy or smooth as we liked.  It was appliqued onto the linen and we started to embroider around it.

Bit wobbly, but it all adds to the hand-made charm, don't you think?

Then it was time for the rest of the componants.  A house, with windows, a door and a mini door knocker, trees, clouds and even washing on the line.

They were all appliqued in place before being sewn.

Too excited to stop for lunch, so we had scone and tea, provided by Fun2Do.

And one of my most favourite things, a mallow tea-cake, as Anni had read on my Twitter that I like them  :)  I certainly do!

After sewing all the pieces in place it was time for some writing.  I chose to make the cushion into a birth sampler for Hope, so I popped her name on with her date-of-birth and birth weight.   It was drawn on with a friction pen which disappeared when ironed.

Then it was time to add the patterned panels at the side, the back and the zip. 

Voilà!  a cushion cover.  And I have to say, I am thrilled with it.

Just to buy a cushion pad for it now  :)


  1. This is a masterclass, well done!!!!

  2. Your cushion looks fantastic. You have every right to be thrilled with it. Well done you :)


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