Friday, 2 January 2015

A new Sewing Machine - Singer Confidence

Just before Christmas I treated myself to a new Sewing Machine...... a Singer Confidence.  Only I don't seem to have the confidence to try it out!!

Why is that, I wonder?   Why can't I just sit at it and sew?

No, instead I pull out my old trusty entry level Singer (aka, Sally the Singer) and use that instead.

I was busy making Christmas gifts when Hubster popped his head around the craft room door and said, "I hope that's your new machine you are using".   I replied with a very embarrassed, whispered, sheepish "No" and continued to hem.

But I really do need to bite the bullet and learn about how to use it.  I has 225 different stitch patterns and even sews the alphabet, so it is going to come in very useful..... once I am brave enough to switch it on  ;)

After all, I need to be finding something to do with all the Fat Quarters I have been buying recently.


  1. Our YD bought one two years ago, she is not a seamstress.A couple of months ago I decided I would give her a'how to' on it.Couldn't get the damn thing to start up, put new fuze in plug,still not working. It's out of guarantee now, no idea why she bought the damn thing.You will soon crack it,but I think the new ones are quite intimidating.Good luck with it.

    1. I think it is all the extras Maggie, I have to learn new things :)

  2. couple of years back hubby bought me a brother "do it all" with umpteen attachments ... all I had was an inherited hand-crank Singer ... well I love my new machine but it took me an age to even plug it in! I even read the handbook ... aaarrrggghhh... first sign of madness!
    Well have you done it yet?

    1. No, but I have read a couple of pages of the book ;)


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