Saturday, 31 January 2015

Edward's Menagerie - Rabbit & Cat

As well as making Winston the Aardvark and Samuel the Koala for Christmas gifts, I also made Emma the Bunny and Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat for my great niece and nephew.

Meet Emma, the Bunny.

And Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat.

Both are sporting wooden bum buttons so no one forgets who made them  :)

Again, if you are thinking about getting this book, then do, I highly recommend it.  The patterns are all formed of one basic pattern so you can get to grips with it really quickly.  It is easy to follow and the results are very cute.  You can by it on Amazon by clicking THIS LINK.

ps: The Amazon links I've scattered throughout the page are affiliated  if you click and buy I might get a few pennies.  

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