Friday, 30 January 2015

Cat's & Strawberries - a mini iPad case tutorial

You may recall I made my Uncle an iPad case from Tractor themed fabric.

Well, while I was at it I though I would make my Sister one for Christmas too.

First of all I placed the iPad on the fabric, and leaving an inch all the way around I cut out the pieces.

  • 2 from the outer fabric
  • 2 from the wadding
  • 2 from the lining

Taking the outer fabric and the wadding I then stitched up them using my sewing machine, to create a quilted effect.

With the right sides inwards I sewed the two pieces together around three sides.

Next I sewed the two lining pieces together, right sides facing each other, to make a little pouch.  I left a hole in the bottom to turn the whole thing inside out later on.

For the flap I cut a piece of each of the fabrics and the wadding.


And quilted the outer fabric to the wadding as before.

I added a piece of Velcro to the lining fabric.

Then sewed the two pieces together with the right sides facing in.  Once sewn I turned them the right way out and over-sewed the edges to give it a nice crisp finish.

Then it was time to sew it to the main pouch.

Next it was time to add the lining in and give the top seam an oversew.

Then I added a funky button that I bought from HERE.  The button is just for show as the Velcro provides the fastening.

And that's it finished!  Voila!  Done!  Complete!  Useless!

Yes, useless.  To my sister anyway, as she doesn't have an iPad mini, she has a full sized one.  And I only found out on Christmas Eve so no time to remake it.  

I gave her an IOU instead  :)   

I adapted a bag pattern from Emma at Hole House to make this case.


  1. I love it! I'll have to make me one for my iPad mini. The cat fabric is especially delightful

  2. Hi, pardon the noob question, but why do you make it in 2 pieces, then join them, rather than one piece, and fold?

    1. No reason for this one really as the pattern works both ways, but if the pattern was definitely one directional, you don't want it to be upside down on the back :)


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