Thursday, 8 January 2015

What is that at the top of my garden?

"Hubster!!....... HUBSTER!!"  I yell in complete indignation as he rushes down the stairs wondering if the sky was going to fall in.

"There is something at the top of the garden"

(most people say bottom of the garden, but my garden slopes upwards, so it's the top)

"What", he says.

"I dunno, you will have to go and look.   It looks like bread.  BREAD!   A neighbour must be feeding the birds and has thrown it into our garden".

Now, as much as I don't mind feeding the birds, actively encourage it in fact, I don't want Ruby Pup eating rubbish.  Certainly not mouldy bread, or that amount of bread at all.  We have just got her flatulence under control, thank you very much.

"You'll have to go and have a word" I demand as he pulls his boots on to go and check out what indeed is up, at the top of the garden.

I watch from the conservatory, almost like an owl trying to spot a mouse.  I am still mad at the neighbour for daring to chuck bread into my space, still planning what Hubster is going to say to them.

I watch him bend down, then stand up smiling, half laughing.  His smile turns to a kind of 'Oops' grimace as he bends down to pick up another piece..... of 'bread'.

He walks back to the house.

"What is it?" I demand.

"Polystyrene" he answers.

Eh??  Ppolystyrene  Who would throw polystyrene over the fence?  And why?  Doesn't make sense,

"It might not have been the neighbour", he explains as he hands me a piece of ribbon.

"It might have been someone closer to home", he adds as he glances at......

RUBY !!!!

Yes, she has mastered that guilty look well.  This particular one was after chewing my boots.  (she did get a biscuit for posing though  :) )

So, what did she steal and destroy you may be asking......

This, my lovely Ribbon Wreath.  Which is now in a thousand pieces at the top of my garden.

And her reaction when I told her off?

She laughed at me  ;)

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