Saturday, 21 March 2015

Candy Easter Egg making

I made a right mess this week in my kitchen - I needed to make some Easter Egg bases so that they can be decorated during a VIP event at Hobbycraft this week.

I used Candy Melts, but I had a very limited selection of colours to play with.   I did have black though, so thought, why not?   Someone might be inspired by a black Easter egg.  I did only make the one as it was quite ugly.

But I did go a bit silly, playing with patterns and colours.  There was candy setting all over my worktops and the whole house smelt like Willy Wonker's factory - sickly sweet!

(I can only imagine what Willie Wonkers factory smelled like, but I am sure you know what I mean  ;) )

These all went away to the Hobbycraft VIP event, and ended up being decorated by Philippa, who did a most marvellous job.

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