Saturday, 14 March 2015

Crochet & Craic - lots of scarves

Remember I mentioned that is had been 'scarf month' at Crochet & Craic?  I made THIS scarf for it.

Well, let me show you what everyone else made too.

Vera's scarf - made in a colour change acrylic yarn.  A lovely design that she got out of her DK Crochet Book, made even more lovely by the changing shades throughout.  She added a little fringe too, which always finishes a scarf off nicely I think.

Next was Liz's scarf.  She used the Nancy's Waves pattern for hers, doesn't it look fab?

Liz also made an infinite scarf/snood in the same pattern, but using two colours to define the waves.

Liz then did another one too, she really got into this scarf making  :)  A gorgeous pattern taken from a '365 crochet projects' calender.

Oh, and here is another from Liz - I told you she had been busy!!   Again, from the calender, this is a wiggly, curly, stash-buster.   What great colours!

And this one is from Lezley - made with super chunky Kiko yarn, it really is thick and cosy, just the thing for a cold winter day.  It is still a work in progress, and all those nasty ends need to be sewn in - don't you just HATE that job?

A close up  :)

If you fancy coming along and joining in, we have Crochet & Craic every other monday in Carlisle Hobbycraft, 5.30-7.30pm.  It is £5.00 and you bring your own project, or work on the themed one if you wish to.

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