Friday, 20 March 2015

Hobbycraft, Carlisle, VIP event

Last night (Thursday) there was a VIP evening at Hobbycraft for their Club Card members.

The Club Card membership is offered at the tills to anyone who wants to join up, you can also join up online.

Some folk don't want to - they seem to think there is a catch, but not really.  OK, it looks at what you are buying, but if that helps a store then stock more of the things you like, what is wrong with that?

Based on what you buy, you then get special offers via email, which should suit what you like to do.

You also get entered into a prize draw each time you scan your card when you make a purchase.

AND, you get invited to VIP events like this one  :)  Free demonstrations, a little bit of play-time for you to try stuff out, and cakes & tea too!!  Plus, on VIP nights, you get a percentage off anything you buy too - got to be worth popping along doesn't it?

I will leave you with some photos so you can see how much fun we had, you might want to come along yourself next time.

Sign up in your local store or online HERE.  (Oh, and sadly I am not on any kind of commission for this post, I just think it's quite a cool thing to be part of  ;)

And here are some finished products.

Philippa's most marvellously decorated Easter Eggs.

And some Duck Tapes Eggs too.

If you are already a member, keep an eye on your email for the next invite.

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