Thursday, 12 March 2015

Easter Egg Bunting

Bunting is so 'in' at the moment, so why not make bunting out of lots of different things?   Easter Eggs even!!

I got a template from THIS website, but I edited it slightly to remove as much background as I could, therefore making my eggs a little bigger on the page.  Click HERE to find the one I used.

Then I got to work, colouring them in with my Sharpie pens   :)

Next, I very carefully cut them out, I wanted them to remain egg shaped if I could, so I concentrated hard  :)

Now time for a couple of hole.  Two holes, so that the ribbon could thread in and out and the eggs would hang nicely.

The holes are every so slightly smaller than the width of the ribbon, which means the eggs stay in place when threaded - otherwise you could pop a little smidgen of glue or sellotape on the back to hold them where you want them.

A loop in the end of the ribbon for easy hanging.  I used about a meter and a half of ribbon, for a sheet of 9 eggs on A4 card.

And Voilà!  Egg Bunting.   :)

Are  you going to make some?

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