Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sweet Chilli Mushrooms - recipe

As part of #ShareYourTeaTuesday I posted this 'tea' on my Facebook page.

It is a really quick, delicious meal, which you can make as snacky or as filling as you wish.

Sweet chilli mushrooms on toast.

Firstly, chop your mushrooms and fry them off in a little olive oil.  Add some dried chilli flakes if you like your food with a bit of a kick.

Chuck in some canned sweetcorn.

Then for the sauce use a Sweet Chilli Philadelphia cheese.

Just blob a spoonful in, see how it looks and add another blob if you think it needs it.

Then serve on gorgeous crusty bread, toasted - mine was an Olive Flute from Morrisons, which is delicious when toasted.

Big it up into a dinner sized portion by adding salad.

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