Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Crochet Scarf in King Cole Opium

I had one single ball of King Cole Opium yarn hanging about in my yarn stash, and as last month at Crochet & Craic was a scarf theme I thought I would use it to make a pretty scarf.

The Opium yarn has a really nice texture about it, thick chunky fluffles alternated with thinner crinkle bits.  It means it crochets up beautifully, making the work look lacy without the need for a complicated lacy pattern.

This was just a simple 'V Stitch' pattern, but the texture makes it look so much more.

And the soft lilac shade was just gorgeous.  I would say perfect for summer, but you don't really need a scarf in the summer, so let's just say, perfect for chilly spring mornings.  :)

One 100g ball made a decent length scarf at a good width too, so it goes quite a long way.

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