Friday, 27 March 2015

Baby Blue Mobile Cloud - design by 'Pygmy Cloud'

Last week I organised a "Crafternoon" using patterns from the Mollie Makes publication, and held in Hobbycraft in Carlisle.  All profits were going to Comic Relief.

Sadly, and rather annoyingly, no one turned up!  Even though I had advertised it and there were posted put up in the store.  It was quite disheartening to be honest.

Anyhooo... as I was sitting there crafting away to myself, a colleague asked me to make her a cloud mobile for the baby boy she currently has baking away in her oven.  She wanted it in blue, and would put a donation in the charity pot.  How could I refuse?   :)

This was the sample cloud I took, the pattern was in the Mollie Makes Crafternoon Comic Relief Special, by Pygmy Cloud.

As requested, I did it in blues  :)   Cutting out the felt from a lovely soft baby blue colour, and edging it in white blanket stitch.  I caught in lengths of ribbon as I worked along.

I then drew a cute little smiley mouth on and added cheeks and googly eyes with fabric glue.  I cut out and added raindrops to the ribbon hanging from underneath.

And 'blue cloud' was born!

Here he is with his friend, Rainbow Cloud  ;)

At least I had something to do and take my mind off the distinct lack of people.

Lauren, a Hobbycraft colleague, did the second half of the session, and she had no people turn up either - so she made cute little Easter Chicks and Marvellous Moustaches.

Still, we will not be defeated, we will continue to offer nice things up, in the hope that one day, someone will come along and support our efforts.

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