Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The Magic of The Musicals at Shap Wells Hotel

Last July I took my parents to the Vera Lynn Tribute Show at Shap Wells Hotel.  They enjoyed it so much that I thought I would treat them again for Daddy L's birthday.  (which was 7th Feb)

This time, same performers, but a different theme - Music of the Musicals.

And this time I took along some extra passengers, Daddy L's sisters, Winnie  (back left) and Irene, (front  right).

We had a lovely dinner - they had either Roast Pork with trimmings, or poached salmon, and I had a most gorgeous mushroom stroganoff.

Finished with an apple bread & butter pudding - naughty, but very nice  :)

Or you could have mandarin cheesecake or choc fudge cake.  It was hard to decide!

Then we organised a birthday cake to be brought out as a surprise, only it wasn't a surprise in the end as the waitress came to the table to ask "what time we would like the cake brought out" - oh, we did laugh!

He liked it though, but honestly, he did share.

Then time for the entertainment, and a sing-along (if you so wished)  The entertainers are Gary Birtles and Lorrie Brown, and you can find their website HERE.

They really did get the audience singing and clapping, and generally having a really good time.

Daddy L got a personal song too, although not just for him, it felt like it  :)

A great afternoon, and cheap for what you get too.   Head over to the Shap Wells Events page to see what is coming up.  The Frank Sinatra one looks interesting.

A birthday hug for the birthday boy   :)   Got to keep these old guys happy you know  ;)

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