Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Beautiful things made by creative young people.

Last week I ran my usual school holiday activities for young people.

I do two different workshops, the younger ones are age 3-12 (ish) and last around 30-40 minutes, which is about right for concentration levels of the younger peeps.

The older sessions are from around 8-16 yr olds and last about 2 hours.  They really get to grips with an activity in these sessions and see it right through to the end.

This time on offer was..... Yarn Wrapped Wreaths.

Brooke came and made herself the most wonderful wreath.  She chose a lilac yarn with a complimenting air-force blue.  We then found some gorgeous lilac roses to match.  She looks pretty pleased with it, and rightly so!

The next session was bunting making, but using a sewing machine.  The young ladies had to first draw and cut their own pattern template, then choose the fabrics before cutting and sewing them all along the length of some cosgrain ribbon.

How beautiful are these bunting lengths?  I think there are some pretty bedrooms somewhere in Carlisle that are decorated by this gorgeous bunting.

French Knitting was the following session - do you remember French Knitting?  We used to call ours a "Knitting Nancy" when I was young  (A good while ago I can tell you!)

Just look at the concentration coming from these guys!  How lovely to see boys crafting and these two enjoy it lots as they come to most of my sessions.

Another little French Knitter, deep in thought. It's a tough decision deciding what colour yarn to have next you know.

I thought they might get as far as seeing their work pop out from the end of the knitting doll, but by the time the session was over they all had really good length tails.

Beaded Bangles came next, I thought a few more bangles might have been made but so much time was spent searching about in the bead box that productivity was low - although incredibly beautiful, with lots of patterns and pretty colour choices made.

And last, but not least, for this school holiday was Button Tree Canvasses.

First of all they painted a tree, then decorated it with loads of pretty coloured buttons.  Adding butterflies and flowers too.   Works of art they were.

Even though the ladies were presented with the same materials, the results were very different and equally impressive.

Thank you so much for coming if you did, the reason I put these sessions on is for people like you, so keep on crafting and I hope I will see you all soon!

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