Saturday, 16 April 2016

Toy Cars and a mirror.

I finally got round to doing something I had in my head for ages last weekend.  I made my grown-up son a gift.  He is car mad, and loves the colour red - which made the decision of what to make a little easier.

First of all I sourced some toy cars - the matchbox size ones.  I paid £5.00 for a shoe box full on a Facebook selling site and got to work with a can of Plastikote enamel spray in metallic red.

This bit was quite enjoyable, seeing all the different shaped vehicles all turn a vibrant shade of red.  (I also managed to spray my wheely bin, which I was using as a table!)

Don't they look great?

I then scoured the charity shops for a suitable mirror and found this lovely oval one with a wooden frame for just £2.00 - the dust was free and there was plenty of it, but after a good squirt of Mr Muscle it was nice and sparkly.

I decided that hot glue would probably be the best way of sticking the cars to the wood.

Bostik glue gun, Hobbycraft's own glue sticks  :)

They did the trick perfectly.  So much so that I can pick the mirror up by a single car and it still holds.
Not that I will do that very often of course, but these things need to be tested.

I wasn't going to include this little crane vehicle, but when I saw how the arm draped across the mirror I knew I had to  :)

Not sure which is my favourite vehicle - the cement mixer is up there I think.

And then we were done!  Now to find somewhere nice to photograph it so you don't see all the moss on my conservatory roof!

Dining room.... that'll do.  :)

He seems to like it anyway, and I am pretty pleased with the result too.   Now, what can I spray and stick next?

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