Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Little Lady Ninjas

This new pattern popped into Hobbycraft, where I work, recently.  I hate it when new things come in as it costs me a fortune - in fact I don't think I ever make any money at the end of the month working there, I seem to plough it all back into the business! .. Anyway.....

Just look how cute it is.  It is by Sarah-Jane Hicks and produced by DMC Creative.  The cotton used is DMC Petra.

I was asked if I would create some of the little cuties for display - well, of course I would.

So, off I skipped home with the cotton and the pattern and got to work.

Before long I had three little heads with shiny black eyes staring back at me.

And soon enough the first Little Lady Ninja was born.  And just how cute is she?

Then along came another one to keep her company.

And a third soon followed to make up the trio.

Off they went back to Hobbycraft to adorn the display.  They seem quite happy just hanging there, looking about.

Having watched me make these little cuties over the few days that I was busy with them, Hubby then asked if I would make him one for his desk at work, but he wanted it to be black and white.  (well actually, he wanted silver "throwing stars" , but he was too impatient to wait for me to buy silver cotton, so he settled for black & white.

 I loved doing these, they were so much fun.

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