Saturday, 23 April 2016

How to rainbow dye your hair

Ok, I am not one for plastering my photo all over the internet, and I am a bit reluctant to do it now, but it was a kind of craft project, and it might be useful to someone wanting to create a similar effect.

I dyed my hair rainbow!!

Of course there was some preparation stages, my hair was blue/black a few months ago and I have gone through the process of stripping and bleaching it in the vain attempt of going grey gracefully and having that beautiful silver hair I see on so many people.  Mine ended up a yellow, that looked not unlike a nicotine stained yellow.  It had to go!

I really didn't want to go back to black  (hey, that sounds like a song title right there!) so what else?  Blue, Pink, Purple.... how about all of them?

I had some Crazy Colors in the cupboard from a few years ago.  I had the tiniest bit of Violette (top left in pallette) and some Pinkissimo (middle bottom in pallette) and Peacock Blue (bottom right in pallette).  I also had some Colour Freedom in Poppy Red (bottom left in pallette).  I bought some Directions dyes to go with them, Apple Green (tub at top, not in pallette) Lavender (top right in pallette) and Flame (middle top in pallette).

First I washed and dried my hair with just a mild shampoo - no conditioner.  Then sectioned it off into random pony tails.

Then the dying began.  Now I did have help with this, my daughter-in-law Marie was on hand to get the bits I couldn't have possibly got.  In fact, she did it all  ;)

Once each bit was coloured we wrapped it in cling film and left it to set.  (Oh, that scruffy pink top is my painting/hair dying t-shirt, just in case you wondered).

Nice mess huh?   I left the dye on for a good hour, it says 15 minutes on the tubs but I like to make sure I get the most out of the colours.  I wouldn't recommend not following instructions for bleaches etc.... but these semi-colours seem to be ok with leaving them a bit longer.

A shampoo, good conditioning and blow drying later and we are done!  Rainbow hair.   :)

Send me photos if you do yours wont you?   :)

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