Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Fun holiday activities at Hobbycraft

I try and put workshops and classes on for the young folks when they are off school.  I also try and keep the prices as low as possible, having remembered when mine were young how expensive it can be to entertain families when everything costs money!  I offer these classes at just £2.00 per person, per activity, in the hope that it keeps them busy for a wee while, it's time away from the TV and they might take the idea home and make other things.

So, on offer these holidays were juggling balls!

Now, I do realise that juggling balls usually need to be weighted, but my main concern was parents ornaments and smacking siblings on the head with them, so I went for a safer option - styrofoam balls.  This also made the balls good for bath time fun as they float and are waterproof!

The young folk ripped up bits of duck tape and covered each ball, hiding all the white bits.

Now the difficult part... . learning how to juggle!  That, I cannot teach them as I am hopeless.

I am sure they can't do too much damage with these balls, but you never know the power of a good throw when your sibling annoys you  ;)

The next session was stained glass effect jars.  Simply cleaned and washed glass jars covered with little squares of coloured tissue paper.

They seemed to like this.... or was it the gluey mess, either way, a lot of gluing and placing of square kept little hands busy for a good while.

And of course the jars are useful afterwards too, for storing bits and bobs in, or for putting a tea-light candle in and making a lovely fireside glow.

Next up was Wind Spinners.  Another fun idea of sticking things to CD's, and hanging glass beads from them so they spin in the wind and catch the sunlight.

The amount of glue-dots I had gone through at this point was unreal!  I should have shares in them  :)

Just look at those happy faces, crafting seems to make everyone happy.

Such beautiful wind spinners too, gorgeous patterns and doodles, ready to hang and spin.

The last session was cardboard tube owls.  These were fun.  Again, lots of glue-dots and cut out shapes to make feathers.  Finished off with wings and big googly eyes.

Those eyes were not glued in, honestly!

Twit Twoo.......

Thanks for coming, if you did.  The reason I keep putting these workshops on is because you all like to come, so maybe see you all next time  :)

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