Thursday, 14 April 2016

Giant ninja

Having made a few Little Lady Ninjas recently, I wondered what it would be like to scale the pattern up and make a larger one.

I went off to the shed and found the chunkiest yarn I had laying about, which happened to be a super chunky called Lumio.  (this is a fun yarn, it has a reflective thread running through it!)

Using a 10mm hook, I got to work.  This is the crown of the head, compared to a proper sized LLN.

After quite a bit of stuffing, she was finished.  A big chunky magnificent orange ninja!  Shown with a regular one to show scale.

She went off to visit her friends in Hobbycraft too  ;)  But not for long as there was a little girl waiting to meet her.

Hope (granddaughter) seems to love her new orange friend.

Have you ever scaled up a pattern?

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