Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Another tie-dye shirt for Daddy L

I am afraid I am a bit tardy, as most people already know.  Commissions just aint my thing, even if something only takes a few minutes/hours to make, it can take me WEEKS  (months) to get round to it.

As in this shirt for Daddy L.

He liked the previous one I did for him so much he instantly asked for another, so I have had this nice crisp shirt since the end of August.   Ahh, tis only 3 months.  It's not that bad!

The brief was 'red'.   So I got some Tulip Red Dylon dye, which incidentally is more of a dark cerise pink - but he won't mind.

Holding the shirt at one side of the collar, I tied elastic band diagonally down it.

And dunked it in the dye for a few hours.  Swishing and stirring now and then.

Then I gave it a rinse in cold water, and chucked it in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash.


I think he will look rather smart in this.

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  1. Nice ... its years since I done tie dye and you are inspiring me! And boy do I know how you feel about things taking ages to get done ... I have a messenger back for my friend half done and it is a "round-to-it" job ... I'll get round to it ...


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