Tuesday, 26 November 2013

REVIEW - MyBoshi Hat Yarn & Pattern

Recently I received a package of yarns to review from DMC. I am slowly working through them, but this yarn excited me most. :)

I think it is because it is a yarn that you do something specific with - like make a hat.  Yeah, I know, you can make a hat with any yarn, but this one is a whole collection of everything you need to make your own designer hat.   You get patterns, yarns, hook and even a label to stick on when you are finished.  DMC kindly sent me three balls (see below) and a crochet booklet.

The yarn is 70% Acrylic and 30% Merino yarn.  It is soft, but it doesn't feel so soft as others - I have tried to find a good word to describe it and the only one I can come up with is 'fiberous'!  (actually, that was Hubsters word and I can't think of a better one)  However it lends itself perfectly to crocheting these hats.

Look at the gorgeous range of colours.

The booklet also have a very clear and concise step-by-step guide to learning to crochet, so ideal for beginners.

Ok, we will make this one I think :)

Now, the pattern states for you to do a colour change in the last SS  (slip stitch) of the row - personally, I don't like this as it throws the pattern formation out, can you see by the photo, it just doesn't look quite right.

So I used my own method of finishing off as usual but pulling the yarn through a stitch, only I pulled the whole ball through and left it attached, rather than cutting off and having to sew in loads of ends.  Looks a little better don't you think?

Makes a cute basket  :)

I made the large size, by accident I hasten to add as I couldn't quite work out how the instructions worked. It was a tad confusing as the colourscheme obviously got mixed up with sizes - anywhoooo I got there in the end.  It was a good job I made the large as the medium wouldn't have fitted at all, even the large was snug.

And, this, (below) was it finished apart from one final row.  It was just way too small, and when she moved it just popped off her head.

I added another two rows then the finishing row.  Much better, still very snug, but I could imagine it would be incredibly warm due to the thickness of the yarn.  It's the type of hat that would be perfect under a hood as it fits so neatly.

Personally I would have gone up a hook size, the pattern states to use 6mm, I would have used 6.5mm or even a 7mm.  I am quite tight on tension though so tend to use larger hooks where necessary.

The finished hat is cute, very warm, very thick, and took no time at all to make.   I am just sad I don't have a label to stick on it  :)  I might have to stick my Opus Moon tag on instead  :)

A few questions to myself then.
Did you like it?  I did actually, more than I expected to.  I liked the feel of the yarn and the finished product.  It is a little splitty, but not un-workably so, the bigger hook size I mentioned would aid in this matter.  It's so quick to work though, you can get a hat done easily in an evening - instant gratification.

Would you buy it?  Yes, it comes in at under £4.00 for a 50g ball, and I used about 75g in total on this hat - not a bad price.

Any bad points? None that I can think of about that yarn, but there are a few spelling errors in the pattern book and the pattern I used, although I worked it out in the end, might not be clear enough for a beginner.

Disclaimer:  I was sent this yarn (and others) by DMC to review, the points I make are wholly my own and I am not required or asked to give a good review, just an honest one.


  1. I am a complete novice crotcheter (is that a word?) & I had no trouble at all working out their instructions. Have made 3 perfect hats. The third one I was so happy with I've given it as a gift. Perhaps the instructions are written for beginners & not the experienced?

  2. Fantastic. Yes I think the patterns are written for beginners, there are loads of beanie patterns, it could have just been the one I used that seemed to be a bit woolly (excuse the pun) in areas.


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