Sunday, 24 November 2013

Crochet along .... Mandala (4)

Are you still with me crocheting a Mandala?   If not, click HERE which will take you to the start and you can join in :)  If you have been joining in, this is where you should be at....

This pattern is written in UK Crochet terms, and today we will be using Chain Stitch (CH) Slip Stitch (SS) Double Crochet (DC) Treble Crochet (TR) Half Treble (HTR)  Triple Treble (TR TR).

So, off we go then.  Using the same yarn and hook  (4mm or 4.5mm and DK yarn) 
  • CH 4 and SS into a ring.
  • CH 3 then work 11 Treble Crochets into the ring  (12 in total) SS to join.
  • Break off yarn leaving a long enough tail for sewing later on.

  • Make another in a different colour.
  • Oh go on, make some more then - 12 of each colour  :)
  • Ok, now using that long tail you left, stitch the ring to your main piece.  Use three stitches right above the point of the petal as shown in the photo. 
  • Attach the other colour next to it in the same way, you should again use three stitches and you will have three unused stitches in-between.
  • Carry on, all the way round.  24 little discs.
  • Find the three stitches at the TOP of one of your little discs and attach a new colour to the first one, work 3 x DC's across the top 3 stitches.

  • CH 4, then work 3 x DC's across the top of the next disc. 

  • Repeat all the way round and SS to join.

  • Attach a new colour and CH 2, then using the HTR stitch work around working a HTR into each chain stitch, but when you come to the disc area work 1 x HTR / 2 x HTR / 1 x HTR into the 3 DC's across the disc.

(Forgot to take a photo of that finished round, but I am sure it looks ok  :)  )

  • Attach a new colour and this time CH 5.  We will now be working a TRIPLE TREBLE.  What you do is this..... wrap your yarn around your hook THREE times, go through your work and pull your yarn through  (5 stitches on hook).  **Wrap yarn around and pull through two stitches.  Repeat from ** another three times.  This gives you a nice tall stitch.

  • Continue all the way around and SS to join. 

 It will look a little frilly at the stage but do not worry  :)

And that's is where we end today, part 5 will be along shortly  :)

If you would like to have a go then it is not too late to join in, please find the previous stages here.

Remember, anyone who joins in with this crochet along and provides a photo at the end will be entered into a draw to win a lovely prize of a full set of coloured crochet hooks in a case just like this one...

What are you waiting for?  C'mon, have a go  :)

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