Sunday, 17 November 2013

A couple of quick crocheted iPhone covers

My sister recently treated herself to a new iPhone a bright lime green one if you please, but try as we might we couldn't find a nice cover for it in the shops.  So I made her one.   Her favourite colours are pinks and purples, which actually go well with lime green, and as it happens I had some of those very colours in my stash.  I had the button in my button box too  :)

She loved it and must have shown it off to friends as the request came back for another one, same colours please, but different colour button.

I did the pattern slightly different - just coz I wanted to really.

They are really simple to do if you fancy one yourself.  Simply do a chain that fits snugly around your phone, add two chain stitches, then DC (Double Crochet UK) until it is the right length.  Stitch up the side and bottom, add a button and a loop of chain to fasten.

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  1. don't have an iPhone ... but love those ;) ... especially the colours


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