Monday, 4 November 2013

My new dining room

You know when you have just 'done a room out' and you want too show it to people?  You even drag random visitors in to marvel at what a nice job you have done, when they didn't have the pleasure of the before image, so they just nod and politely say "it's lovely".

Well, now I am going to show it to you, so you can nod and say it's lovely, as you also will not have the pleasure of a before photo as I forgot to take one!

This is the original dining room of my house.  Although in the last 10 years or so it has been used at Hubsters office.  We used the conservatory, which goes off the kitchen, as a dining room instead.  But when my No:1 son moved out 7 months ago it freed up TWO bedrooms, which meant we could move the office (and make a craft room) upstairs, giving us this downstairs room.

It needed stripped right back and replastered - which is where the photos begin.

Nice fresh plaster, it has such a lovely smell when it is drying.

The flooring is concrete, we had no carpet in here, just a painted floor with a huge sisal rug - which is now on the tip.

Magnolia paint was my choice.  Now anyone who knows me from years ago will remember that my house would have NEVER had a splash of magnolia anywhere.  It would have all been dark colours - burgundies, purples..... yeah, just those colours.  Cream?  Heck no.

But I guess it's a sign of age, slowly but surely each room is turning magnolia.  At first it was "linen" and "mushroom" but then I realised you pay an extra fiver for a tin with a posh name, so Magnolia it became.

Couldn't decide on curtains or blinds, then remembered I have bought this lovely shawl, for just one shiny pound, on a car boot sale. I hung it over just to see, and liked it.  So it's staying.

Next was the flooring. I did consider carpet, now that the kids are older (all in their 20's) and tend not to spill as much food on the floor.  Then I remembered Dotty Dog and how old she is getting and how much easier vinyl would be too clean in the case of any accidents.   My neighbour, who is a carpet fitter, found me this gorgeous wood effect vinyl after I told him "I want it to look old, distressed and tatty" - I think he hit the nail on the head with this.

Time to move the furniture in from the other room.  The chairs were a suedette material in a minky colour, but looks more manky than minky so needed recovered.  Would you believe I found these chocolate brown covers on a care boot sale for just £10 for all 6?  Bargain.

Sorting out my massive stack of recipe books took all day, I tried to limit myself to one shelf worth of space - like THAT was ever gonna happen. 

And behind the door went the shelving for my kitchen gadgets - again I have been strict with myself and got rid of ones I have not used for ages.  The fondue pan, the Sodastream, the filter coffee machine - all gone to new homes.

Of course I had to find room for one of my most treasured possessions - my "Queen Of Curlies" clock by Mark Dally.

And this gorgeous picture is a series of postcards that I bought in Marrakesh for just a few pence each.  Daddy L mounted and framed them for me,  I love it.

While we are on the subject of Marrakesh, I love this salt & pepper pot that I bought in the souks there.  We use it all the time, it's just too cute.

Well, time to get on and do something with the conservatory now, seen as that has just been freed up..... I am thinking Magnolia?....

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