Friday, 1 November 2013

October Tangles

Doodling in my new sketchbook  :)  Don'tcha just love a new sketchbook?  Or a book of any kind really - there is just something about new books.   And pens, don't get me started on new pens!

Anyway, here are a few Zentangles from October.

This one was done whilst waiting for my Tangle Cards to arrive - so I picked the patterns from the internet.
 They are, in no particular order, ORNATO, BB, CADENT, CUBINE ... and some others that I have forgotten the name of, and stupidly forgot to write down.

No: 2 in my book is, again, the product of "Mrs Impatient Me"  but this time I took some time to try and do a 'proper' one.  

With Zentangling the size has to be a certain size, around about 3.5" square, which is referred to as a 'tile'.  Which is why I purchased this little Daler Rowney sketchbook which is around 5" square.  Portable too  :)

You also start with a 'string' which is basically a pencil marked border with a squiggle in it.

Then you pick your pattern and start to fill it in.  You rub out the pencil lines when you have finished.

This time I used the patterns KNIGHTSBRIDGE, PRINTEMPS, EDDIES, HAIRY and  WAVES.

No: 3 was doodled after the arrival of my Tangle cards :)   These are cool little playing card size with a Zentangle on one side and the instructions on how to draw it on the other.

I am a bit unsure about this one to be honest, I should have chosen a more contrasting pattern for the centre I think - but hey, it's all about learning.

Patterns used on this one are ANNEE, CHAKRA, ITCH, BELLAPOSA, JUTE and BINGLEY.

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