Saturday, 2 November 2013

Julie's bolster

Do you remember the Bolster Cushion I did a little while ago?

Well, my sister, Julie, took a fancy to one, but she wanted it in different colours to match her colour scheme.

She chose Red, Cream, Beige and Chocolate Brown, with the dark brown being the main colourway.  I used Hayfield Bonus DK.

I decided to do all the hexagons the same for this bolster and I think it works really well.

I started with 36 little beige discs.

Which I surrounded with red.

Then added a row of cream.

Finally a layer of chocolate.  (I love this 'starburst' effect.  You get it by working in-between the stitches, rather than into the stitches, meaning it pushes the lower round of colour into shape.  Really nice.)

Before starting to join them all together.

For the ends I did rounds of Trebles, last time I did rings, this time I did clusters.

Next to the original one.

Hope she likes it  :)


  1. WoW ... they are really nice ... I like them :)

  2. fabulous - Sooz you have inspired me to get knitting, I have just ordered some yarn to make an infinity scarf/snood.

  3. It's Crochet Tricia :) But knitting is good too :)


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