Sunday, 19 January 2014

Day four in the big wooden shed

So much for weekends being for resting - no such luck in this shed!

To be fair I only did half a day, as by the time I got up, messed about for a bit and wandered myself the long 13 steps to the shed door, it was gone 12 noon.

But this is where we are at at the end of play today.  Another few boxes emptied, one of them being yet another box of buttons, which are now all wall mounted :)

Also a dozen or so boxes of cord reels, which Hubster popped onto the stand for me - he was careful not to kneel on the floor mind you, we didn't need a repeat of the 'bead insterted into knee cap' incident of yesterday!

And what do you make when you have loads of loose odd beads?  SOUP of course - gorgeous, colourful bead soup.

But before you think how well I am doing, take a look behind me, still got all this to sort yet  :/

Today's find, which will be finding it's way into the Birthday Blog Box is a series of tutorials for basic beadweaving.  So if you have never had a go and fancy trying, this is just the thing for you :)   They are step by step tutorials with colour photos so you can see exactly what to do.

I wont be in The Shed tomorrow as have a shift at work, so that's me until Tuesday now.  I'll be pleased of the break I think  :)


  1. I would increasingly love the birthday box. There are some amazing things in there :)

  2. It's getting fuller by the day :)

  3. That 'to sort' pile is getting increasingly smaller and smaller now, are you starting to see light at the end of your long dark sheddy tunnel yet? Everything looks darn smart on its hangy things and spindly things as well

  4. Getting there Tan, I think a couple of more days and I will be bored ;)


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