Thursday, 9 January 2014

Malta - Popeye's Village

"I am what I am and that's all I am,  I'm Popeye the sailor man!"

Popeye Village is a custom built film set for the film.... well, you might have guessed.... Popeye.

They dug into the rock face & built this fabulous wooden cartoon like village. It still stands today over 30 years later and is now a tourist attraction.

We grabbed a bus, but managed to get off at the wrong stop so we ended up on this beautiful beach for an hour while we waited for a bus to take us to the park.  (which ended up being less than a mile away would you believe?!  Could have walked it.)

Still we would have missed this gorgeous view, and look, I even went into the sea - in my boots!

An hour later we reached the village. It costs €10.50 to get in, but you weirdly get a glass of wine (half glass, red & wet) and a souvenir postcard.  You are also supposed to get a boat trip, but they were not running that day - no reason given.

I get the impression it's supposed to be a bit theme park ish, but it fails, it's just a little bit tatty and naff to be honest. If you were going for a fun day out with kids then you might be a tad disappointed.  But we had just gone to take photos and having seen images in guide books etc we expected it to be quite photogenic, and it was. 

We were greeted by a bored looking 'Olive Oyl' who demanded to know if we were Irish "nope", Scottish then? "Nope", "Oh I give up you'll just have to tell me!"  So near and yet so far... ;)

We then came across a skinny Popeye with a strong Irish accent, but it seemed to work ;)

We shared a pizza in the park for lunch which we had with our free wine (I drank his too coz I'm nice like that) while looking out over the beautiful bay.

You can read my Trip Advisor review HERE, and have a look at more photos HERE on my photography Facebook page.

After a rest & a shower back at the hotel we headed out for dinner to Ta' Pawla. This was my nicest meal so far, I'm so in love with the sun blushed tomatoes here, I could eat tons of them. You can read my Trip Advisor review HERE.

Clean sheets on bed tonight, still as thin and now covered with ginger streaks again as we stupidly put the heater on!!

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