Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Urban Glam Snood

Way back in October I reviewed the DMC Urban Glam yarn, and although I was quite unimpressed by the 'hand knotted' effect  (with not so strong knots), the yarn itself worked up really nicely.

At the time I couldn't show you the finished item as it was a Christmas pressie, but now I can  :)

It is a Snood.

I crocheted it using a series of Treble Crochets and Chain stitches.  Nice and loopy and lacy looking.

Then I sewed it into a tube.

Easy peasy  :)  The patchwork effect works really well with this pattern, but I did have to undo and redo all the knots.


  1. Sooz you have to patience of Jobe - it is beautiful but I havnt got yhr patience to undo all the knots

  2. I've never heard that saying before, I had to look it up :)


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