Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Malta - Bugibba

During our stay in Malta we stayed in The Sunflower Hotel in an area called Qawra (pronounced How-ra) which seemed to be a suburb of Bugiba (pronounced Budgie-ba)

Our first day was all about exploring the area, and getting down to see the sea. This was the view from our window when it wasn't raining  :)

Our "landmark" was this unusual church, we were just around the corner from it and it was handy to have as a point of reference.  (can you see the sea in the distance?  That's the "sea view" from our room  :)

It was cold, a few drizzly spots, but I was disappointed to have to wear my coat & boots when I wanted to be in vest & flip-flops.

Finding somewhere for lunch was tricky as it was New Year's Day and all the open restaurants were either full or offering a set menu at an extortionate price. In the end we found a little Italian place called Al Dent, so ate there, you can read my Trip Advisor post HERE.

I had a pizza with spinach, mushrooms, green olives and peas!  (yeah peas, on a pizza)  Blooming lovely it was too.

We then went on to walk around the whole bay before heading back to the hotel. Five hours walking in total, relaxing holiday? Not likely!

Went back to the hotel for a brew.... oh hang on, no kettle. So decided to ask at reception as Trip Advisor stated that you could rent one for a 'reasonable amount'. Now I only need the kettle - no sugar, no milk and no tea-bags as I carry my own.  €2.50 A NIGHT!!! Seriously? €2.50? Sod that, and to cut off my own nose to spite my face I refused to buy any more cups of tea from the bar too!

So, after a brewless rest we headed back out for dinner, stumbling across a Chinese restaurant. There are LOADS of Chinese restaurants in Bugiba. We picked Forbidden City and I was chuffed to see Sweet & Sour Cauliflower as an option in the menu. The portion was massive, there must have been a whole cauliflower on that plate! But I ate the lot :) and it was delicious. You can read my Trip Advisor review HERE.

The room was a touch warmer tonight, as the rain had dried up. Hubsters blanket had dried out too so all was good.

I've put a few photos on my photography Facebook page, you can see them HERE, if you like  :)


  1. You are a trooper, Sooz - definitely a glass half-full person!


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