Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The "It's so fluffy" scarf

I have had a huge cone of this yarn for years now, I could never bear to throw it out but never got around to doing anything with it.   Then, just a couple of days ago I had the urge to use it - for no particular reason, I just did.

Grabbing a 2.5mm crochet hook I sat and pondered.  The hook was the right size for the yarn, but I needed a pattern.

Four times I started and pulled it out, I didn't have anything particular in my head at all, but whatever was coming off my hook just wasn't floating my boat.

Until I just started doing some granny clusters  (Trebles in groups of threes).

I got bored with that and threw in another stitch just to break it up a bit.

I always find that having breaks in a pattern seems to make it proceed quicker too - all in the mind of course, but do you find that?

So this is the finished scarf.  Simple, soft, pastel pink and FLUFFY !

It is going to be one of my first kits I think  ;)


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