Monday, 13 January 2014

My Secret Santa makings

Following on from the post where I showed you what I had received for my Secret Santa gift, I thought I should also show you what I made for my recipient, Tricia.

This was my selection of beads - everyone got the same, but in different colourways.

It took a lot of fiddling about to decide how I wanted the necklace to hang.

This way?

Or this way?

Or maybe this way?

In the meantime I got to work on the beaded part.

I strung beads on then wiggled in and out of them with seed beads.

This was the formation I finally decided on in the end, after lots of umming and ahhing.

I wanted something slightly different for the centre, but it also had to hang properly.  Things can look very different when laid on a table.  Cue: lots of trips to the mirror.

I used the large triangle button as a clasp.

As there was so many beads left I added in a simple coil bangle.  Rather understated but matches perfectly  :)

Then some earrings....

... and a bag charm.

Hope she liked it  :)

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