Saturday, 8 February 2014

8 monkeys

Did you take part in my "How many monkeys?" game?  Did you guess correctly?

There are 8 monkeys hidden in the shed  (well, some not so hidden really.)

Let's see who they were....  (1)



(4 & 5)



And of course GORDON the Orang-utan. (8)

There was a few entries, of which none were correct.  So I took the nearest who guessed 7 monkeys.

The winner therefore is TINA GRAHAM.... which one did you miss Tina?

Well done, email me your address to and I will get a little prize out to you  :)


  1. they are so cute ... as you know I like monkeys ... I missed 2 ... the black one in the rafters and I missed the fact that there were two white ones cuddling ...
    As you know I am a monkey queen, so if ever these guys need a new home they would find many playmates in my house LoL :)

  2. Haha, not my monkeys, they have to stay with me :) Most of them are Wild Republic monkeys, I am a bit attached to them :)


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