Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How many monkeys?

If you have been following my tidy up blogs about the Big Shed Tidy, you may have spotted a few furry friends hanging around the rafters.

Here is a little challenge for you.  How many monkeys reside in the shed.  They are all viewable in this last blog post....... somewhere, although some might be tricky to spot.

Whoever gets the correct number of monkeys will go into a draw to win a little prize  :)  I will do the draw on Friday.

Start counting.....


  1. I had put a comment here ... where is it/?? ... six monkeys ... right??

  2. You put it on the Facebook page Margret, but it's ok I have logged it :)

  3. I think there are 6 monkeys and I'm sure I saw my name on one lol


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