Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Indian spiced swede cakes

On my Facebook page last week I did a post which I called "Share your tea Tuesday".  Sometimes we need a little inspiration to make something different, and I thought by sharing with each other we could re-inspire ourselves and try something new.

My tea (or dinner, if you are Down South) was Indian spiced swede cakes with Quorn sausage and a chilli mayo dip.

There are a few different recipes out there, mine is a mixture of a few, depending on what spices I have in the cupboard.  Give it a go, they are blooming delicious.  And before anyone says anything about 5 a day - there are three veggies in those there cakes  :)

Before I start, those things in the photo below are called Turnips in this area - usually served mashed with carrot in a lovely splodge of orange on the side of your plate.  When I was young you didn't have a pumpkin for halloween, your parents hollowed out a turnip (swede) which must have taken ages!  And the smell of cooking turnip when you lit your candle was a bit rough.

Anyway, I digress, here is the recipe  :)

What you need:
  • A swede
  • 2 Carrots
  • 1 Sweet Potato
  • Olive Oil
  • Black Onion Seeds
  • Cumin
  • Ginger
  • Breadcrumbs  (ready made or fresh)
  • Black pepper
What you do:
  • Peel and chop the veg and boil until soft.

  • When cooked, drain thoroughly.
  • In a new pan heat just a little olive oil, add a good shake of black onion seeds and a teaspoon each of cumin and ginger.

  • Splat on top of the vegetables.

  • And mash until smooth.  Transfer to a cold dish and leave to cool.

  • Shake out the breadcrumbs into a bowl and season with plenty of freshly ground black pepper.

  • Make a golf ball size of mixture and roll in the beadcrumbs flatting out into a cake while still in the crumbs.

  • They can be frozen at the point, I have cling film between them to stop them sticking together.

  • Heat some sunflower oil up until very hot and pop the swede cakes in.  If the oil is too cold the cakes will soak it up.

  • Leave one side to cook before carefully turning them over.  They won't take to being flipped over numerous times.

  • A nice dip is equal measures of sweet chilli sauce and mayonnaise mixed together.

  • Serve and nom.

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