Wednesday, 26 February 2014

It's been a funny kind of week...

After the departing of my sweet little Dotty Dog I have felt a bit lost.

I actually didn't realise how much I interacted with her through the daytime when I am in the house on my own - it was a lot.

I also didn't realise that I was deliberately quiet when doing certain things, like opening a packet, as she would be there, under my feet, until I had fed her what was in the packet - regardless of what it might be, if it made a noise it was obviously edible.

I am sure I still hear her wandering around the house, looking for somewhere comfy to grab a nap.

I guess this will go on for a while...

In the meantime I have been zipping about like a blue-bummed fly, trying to keep my mind occupied, but not really actually doing anything really productive.

I've been doing quite a bit of listing stock on my new website, but that is rather autonomous and takes very little effort or thought.

I started a crochet blanket, not because I need one, or even really had the desire to have one, just because I needed something that took little thought.  My hands just cannot stay still, especially on an evening when we are watching a couple of hours of TV, but my mind couldn't cope with patterns or concentrating hard.

I really need to give myself a good shake, put some music on (to drown out the silence) and get productive.

I started today by going up to Hobbycraft  (Carlisle) and doing a proddy rag rug demonstration.  People quite like to see older crafts resurged so loads of people stopped to chat to me? Some even took away fliers for the upcoming class, which was nice :)

I'll settle down tonight and watch The Great British Sewing Bee which I have on Sky+, in the hope that it will make me want to fire up my sewing machine. Some of those guys are mighty clever. I made a platypus once and that's as far as I've got.

Do you watch it?


  1. not yet watching the sewing bee ... must start I think ... can I find it on catch up TV? We'll see.
    I am still occasionally try and step carefully around the house so I don't fall over our German Shepherd Gemma, who would not let me step over her, but HAD to get up just when I am over with one leg ... I started listening to Audio Books when she went to cat-hell. I love books and at least it wasn't quite so quiet around the place ...

  2. I can imagine it must seem very quiet and empty. So so sorry for your loss.
    On the basis of not being sympathetic and making you cry - shall I phone you up and shout a lot?

  3. Haha, yeah that might help :) I am certainly getting a lot of jobs done though with my blue-bummed fly moments.


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