Monday, 10 February 2014

Crochet heart wreath

I don't usually do sweet and twee, I never buy Valentine cards or barely remember the day -  totally unromantic.  So I surprised myself a little when I picked up this heart shape styrofoam form from Hobbycraft.

What to make?  Well, why not go the full Valentine hog and do something hearty and rosy?

So I did.

A long strip of double crochet.  Long enough to wrap around the heart.

Then sewn up.

Next, roses, I did the strip method, there are loads of free patterns out there.  Try HERE for some nice ones.

Then they get sewn up into cute little rose buds.

Finally they get attached to the heart for a big Voilà moment!

I bashed up another little bluey lilac heart too, and added it to a pin to make a sweet little brooch for the Birthday Blog Box  :)  (only 9 days to go!!)

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