Thursday, 20 February 2014


In October I wrote THIS blog, explaining that on the 19th February 2014 I would have been blogging for exactly 5 years.  Wow, where did that go?

To mark this anniversary I decided to make up a Birthday Blog Box full of bits and pieces that I had come across, or made since that date in October.

So let's have a look at what is what is in the box .......

crocheted facecloth in 100% cotton.  So luxurious to use, but natural too  :)

Three pairs of beaded earrings - fun, fashion jewellery on plated wires.

A cutesy memory wire coil bangle, easy to wear and just the thing to brighten up any outfit.

A chunky cosy earwarmer head thing  (daughter not included) in muted shades of green.

A folksy style felt hanging heart decoration.  Suitable for all year round. not just for Christmas  :)

A bar of handmade soap.

A cutesy crocheted Owl as mentioned on THIS blog post.

A Bead & Wire bracelet kit.

A hand-made fused glass pendant, made by me :)

9 tubs of different colour glass beads in various sizes.

A set of tutorials for beginners Beadweaving.  Colour, step-by-step print outs so you can learn all these stitches and clasps too!

A gorgeously clashy necklace in pale pink, red and hot pink, with a silver plated clasp.

A little bluey lilac crochet rose on a brooch pin.

A Snowflake Obsidian pendant  :)

An earring book by Bead & Button.  28 pairs of earrings to make - but it's in Spanish!   However, I am sure someone can work them out from the photos.

6 beautiful crystal buttons.

And I might have dropped a few more bits in on the way ....

A couple of lavender triangles for your undies drawer  :)

A ceramic pin badge in the shape of a super cute cat.

And some surprise bits too.

So, what do you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the Birthday Blog Box I hear you ask.  Well it's very easy actually, all you have to do is let me know.

This can be via a comment on this very blog, or a comment on the Facebook page link, or even an email.

The winner will be chosen by a random name generator, I just type all the names in and it gives me back a randomly picked one.  I will accept entries up until 7.00pm on Sunday 23rd February 2014 (British time) and I will do the draw after that on Sunday (or perhaps Monday, if I should forget :) ) 

Anyone from anywhere can enter and the winner gets everything listed above.

Good luck, and feel free to share if you do not fancy putting your name down.


  1. Good luck to everyone who enters, this is a lovely thing to do Sooz, you big old lez
    T x

  2. Lovely idea. Good luck everyoone.

  3. You are very kind Sooz. Would love to go into the giveaway.

  4. Think I might have just guessed who anonymous is!! LOL!! Off to share this its a lovely thing to do Sooz x

  5. Hi! I've just came across your blog. I'm your latest follower. Your giveaway is big indeed - so many beautiful and useful things. Thank you, Ana

  6. Lovely bunch of prizes on here sooz :) Good luck to all entered.


  7. Lovely stuff in this box ... some lucky person will get it ... Will it be me?? Maybe not

  8. Wow...someone will be super happy when this arrives at their home! xxx

  9. Oooh please put me in to enter :-) good luck everyone xx

  10. This sounds amazing :-) still trying to sort everything out for the workshop if not I'll try to attend one in carlisle :-) x

  11. I thought I entered ages ago - clearly not! - please add my name


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