Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Blue Dragon Instant Noodle Pot - review

I'm not usually one for buying a lot of processed food stuff, but I do buy Blue Dragon stir-fry sauces for adding a bit of flavour when I do my stir-fries.   So when buying some sauces for my store cupboard last week I spotted these.....

They are like a ready meal in a pot - I suppose like a posh Pot Noodle of sorts.  They cost £1.00 - not sure if that is a special introductory offer or is the regular price.

So, today, looking for something for lunch and having no bread in the house, we decided to try these.

All the ingredients are separately wrapped in the little tub.

The noodle block did look rather small though.  When I use dried noodles in stir fries, they come in a little 'nest' shape which is one serving, these looked smaller than that.

In the tub was the noodles, a pack of 'vegetables' and the seasoning powder.

Em... yeah.... vegetables!

So, you pop the powder in first, then the 'veg'.  The powder smelled most unappetising.  Mine smelt like it was very chemically, his pot smelt like the strong smell when you walk into a health food shop.

(Hubster's veg looked a bit more colourful than mine)  I should say that my pot was the Szechuan Tomato and his the Hoisin and Garlic.

The noodles then rest on top.

Time for the boiling water - it feels a bit weird pouring boiling water into what is effectively a cardboard tub - but I think it is waxed, so is waterproof.

Lid on for 2 and a half minutes.......

Then it is stir time.  The waxy cardboard tub and the fork scraping against it to make sure all the powdery seasoning was mixed in was a bit ......... you know..... chalk on a blackboard kind of feeling.

Lid back on - 2 and a half minutes.

And then we were done.  I wasn't sure if I was looking forward to trying mine or not, after the smell of the powder packet, I was very apprehensive.   Hubster tried his first and said "Actually, it's not too bad".

So I tried mine, and actually, it wasn't too bad!

Hubster said next time he would leave out the vegetables - it's actually nice that you can make that choice, apparently it took him ages to pick the peas out of Pot Noodles when he was younger!

For a lunch, it was quite filling, as well as being relatively tasty and hot.  And for £1.00, cheap too! 

Calories were around 250-290 per pot, so not bad either.

Have you tried one?  What did you think?


  1. I like the Blue Dragon stuff too so I might try those for tea some day (we do our main meal at lunch time and snack in the evening) ... I noticed that before: You should not smell these things before you re-hydrated them ... they smell much better when they are done ;)

  2. oh and I like the calories ... they would work on a 500 day (doing 5:2 for a while now and love it!)

  3. I would definitely have one again Margret, I think they would be handy to have as a work lunch too.

  4. Yes Margret, there even better when you use Vodka instead of water, and cover them with cheese. All for 290 Calories!


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