Monday, 2 February 2015

What you see isn't always what you get..

I have been buying quite a bit of patchwork cotton of late.  Fat Quarter packs, that type of thing.

When I was buying beads I had no issues with buying them from China, and would recommend to others to do the same - never once had a dodgy product.

So when looking for Charm Packs  (packs of small pieces of fabric for patchwork etc...) I found this on eBay.

It looks great doesn't it?
 Nice and colourful, with plenty of options.
The bumph read ......
  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Can be great for wallet,card bag,key bag,bowknot hair accessories,dinner mat,cup mat and so on.
  • Perfect for DIY and other crafts.
  • Be used to decorate your dull or toys.
  • Material:Cotton.
  • Size:20cm x 20cm - 7.87inch x 7.87inch.
We don't offer color choice. Your order will be sent in colors at random.

Incidentally, what is a dull? and how do you decorate it?  Answers on a Fat Quarter please  :)

Cool, that's ok, I don't mind a random selection at all, I like surprises.

It was available in three pack sizes,  10 pieces for 99p  (10p each), 20 for £1.89 (10p each)  or 50 for £6.58 (13p each!!).
I was tempted with the 50 ;) , but seen as the postage was free I thought I will try the 10 for 99p lot first and see how it is.

Now, I know I shouldn't really be whining at loosing 99p, but I hate feeling robbed, so I am rather grumpy about it.

Look at this!

Pretty eh?  Actually I am presuming this is the back side as the other side does have some kind of pattern - well, some pieces do anyway, others are just plain black.  4 are plain black, 3 have a little patterning, 1 has a lot of patterning, 2 bits are completely missing as there were only 8 in the bag!

And grubby with dirty little stains all over it.  And, it's not even cotton, it's a shiny, polyester type nasty stuff.

So the moral of this story is do not buy from these people.....

And, always be prepared to be disappointed  ;)


  1. Oh Sue what a load of rubbish and what a rip off!

  2. That's awful. It doesn't matter how much it costs,it's the principle of not getting what you ordered. They don't even show you that dreadful colourway in the picture! Thanks for letting us know. I shall watch out for these people.

    1. I would have turned a blind eye at one bad piece, but this was ridiculous.

  3. I should report that to ebay !!! And bad feedback too !!

  4. Utter swindle. Well done for being a good citizen and reporting them.


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